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We help you get the job done

Rolleston's most convenient 
Engineering Company

Born and bred in local Canterbury we are a cheeky duo who dare to make the engineering world better to deal with.

We know you're busy, and wanting to just get the work done. 

We’ve lived and breathed working with rural and industrial businesses all our lives. 

We know how hard it is to juggle keeping your equipment shipshape along with managing your everyday workload, and even a team.


We’re here to help look after your machinery and equipment, whether it’s repairing, rebuilding, or creating you something new.

We’re all about saving you stress, time and cost-per-use money. 


We know you can spend ages on the phone ringing contractor after contractor until you get the right one - and we strive to eliminate that issue.

We want to help you to feel confident in the strength and durability of your equipment so you can just focus on getting the job done. 


Talk to Gareth today. He’ll meet with you at a time and place that fits you best.

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